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What do I wear?

A photographer’s guide to how to dress for your photography session.

One of the most FAQ I receive when engaging with clients are the following:

“What do I wear to my photo session” as well as “what color scheme will look best?”

Well ladies (and gents) fear no more!! I have decided to write a little informative piece on what to wear and what to avoid of when preparing for a photo session.

Long (but seriously, can’t stress this loooong enough) gone are the days where a family rocks up at a photo session with matching white t shirts and jeans…Unless you are the Kardashians with the sexiest pair of Levi jeans and Calvin Klein Tees, I would strongly recommend steering clear of that one.

Perks of being part of the 21st century is that we literally have information at our fingertips (thank you Pinterest and Instagram) so it’s fairly easy to find inspiration for your next photography session. I have taken it upon myself to start an inspiration board on Pinterest for you to go and follow. In it you will find articles, youtube videos and photos, guiding you to make the right choices when choosing your outfit.

I was always unsure of what colours to wear. Then I came across a nifty little youtube video that teaches you what colours are flattering to your skin tone. Then an absoulte new favourite for me is Alexandrea Garza. Her videos are informative and her advice never disappoints when it comes to fashion and dressing for your body type. Here's a video where she shares styling tips every woman can apply to her wardrobe.

I spoke to Michelle D, owner of Macaroon Collection and who is currently one of the contestants of the very first series of The Bachelor SA and asked her on fashion tips regarding buying an outfit for a photo session and this is what she had to say:

“Don’t be money shy when buying classic quality items. Items that you know will stay in fashion for many years like a pair of excellent quality boots or a leather jacket. It’s an investment you’ll make in the long run. Make sure you are familiar with the latest trends but be careful not to splurge too much on high fashion items that will only be in season for a year or so.”

Lisa Robertson, fashion editor of Bloss Magazine and owner of Ace Models PTA East shared some tips on how to accessorise:

“Hats and headbands make the shoot more fun by giving you more posing options. They can transform your outfit and allow you to play with different styles.

Bags and purses help with tying the whole look together and shows a bit more of your personal style.

Jewellery is a “must” ! It dresses up the outfits and make them look more put together. Always bring a variety of pieces that can go with different outfits so you can switch them up and have more choices to work with.

Sunglasses are fun to use in photo shoots because they look cool and can be worn in different ways. Best to add this to “outdoor shoots”

My 2 cents on the matter and what I tell all my clients is to wear something that is true to who you are. Compare apples with apples. If you have that Carrie Bradshaw within you, would you really feel comfortable in a plain black dress with minimal accessories? Same goes for the Coco Chanel trying to "Cher" themselves up for that photo session.

Dress not only for your body type and skin tone but also for your personality. If you feel beautiful and look stunning at the same time, you bring your own magic to the photography session and I promise you you’ll be happy with the end result.

Here’s my list of preferred suppliers. These are businesses and professionals that I know personally and have had the wonderful opportunity to have worked with and would recommend them to any of my clients:

For attire:

For beauty:

If I have missed something or would you like to add anything, don’t be shy to reach out!

Drop me a comment in the comment section below or email me at madisonandwestlifestyle@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you