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The Seagulls of Cannon Beach,OREGON

Taken to the open sky,

Freedom in their reach

With open hearts and wings they fly

swiftly to the beach

To escape the turmoil and dispair,

the lessons life will teach

To be free of fear, of hate & war

The seagulls at Cannon Beach

~Anje Van Dalen~

I wrote this as it was something that occupied my mind as I was editing these images of the seagulls that I took at Cannon beach, Oregon. It was a big day for me as I have never seen a place so serene and quaint. And I had the opportunity to dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean - not sure if I will ever be able to do that again any time soon.

It was a windy day on the beach and people seemed more united - no fears of an invisible killer, no politics and no prejudice. Just people coming together to enjoy the beach and the lovely view.

Will I ever be able to go back there? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, I am thrilled that I sampled the day with images I can keep along with my memories of that day at Cannon Beach.

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