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Portland Oregon

Part one - Lake Oswego

We had the opportunity to visit Portland last year in August. If I knew 4 months later there would be a global pandemic that would leave us all confined within the four walls we call our homes I certainly would have stayed longer, visited more places and have taken more photos.


We visited friends in Lake Oswego - a quaint city in the State of Oregon, just 10 miles from Portland city. Without a doubt this place is a true gem with one of the friendliest communities I have ever come across.

I was introduced to Salt & Straw, the best Ice creamery I have ever visited and had to try out their unique flavours on more than one occasion. Flavours I tried included Pear and Blue Cheese, Carrot Cake Batter and Strawberry Honey Balsamic & Black Pepper - yes people, the strangest flavours but oh so incredible - there’s no limiting them!

I also had my first Peet’s coffee there and had sushi at Bamboo - and for that matter, will also never look at sushi the same again as the flavour combinations is just something from another world.

As I walked the streets of Lake Oswego I couldn’t help but to feel an overwhelming sense of peace - like some kind of serenity that I can’t quite put into words. Perhaps I was observing with different eyes. To be in a space where I felt safe let a wave of calm come over me and I felt free. To walk the streets with my camera on me and not feeling like I have to be on the defence, waiting for something to happen. Perhaps a sense of false security as I suppose evil is everywhere. Non the less, I felt like I could see my daughter and I walk to the Safeway to go buy groceries or stop by the local library and not have a care in the world.

We visited George Rodgers park and had the opportunity to walk the hiking trail they have there.

One of my highlights of Lake Oswego was when I met a fellow called Magnus, a 21 year old cat that lives in the Lakeside Bicycles shop. Such a handsome guy.

Looking back over our time, I feel very blessed to have been able to experience, explore and get acquainted with Lake Oswego. And all the while chasing our dreams we look back now and realise that we were indeed living them. Till we see each other again, my love for Lake Oswego is now etched in my memories and I feel fortunate to be able to recall the beautiful memories that were made there.

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