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Mila Guy: Humility will set you free

A guide to understand that humility is not thinking less of yourself. it's thinking of yourself ( and the views others have about you), less.

Mila Guy Portrait session

I had the opportunity to work with Mila Guy. Throughout our portrait session I witnessed a person who is kind, joyful, light-hearted, witty, and most of all extremely humble. I was astounded by this confident, yet meek soul in front of my lens and I realised that she was so vastly content with herself. I asked her a few questions regarding her view on life and this is what she said:

Q: What would be the best advice you could give someone regarding life?

A: "To always want to grow. If you don't grow, you stagnate and become a 1 dimensional person. Always want to grow and learn. Then, it's ok to make mistakes. Get up and learn from it because something good will come out of that mistake that you have made. As long as you are willing to learn, you will also grow and connect with others because we are all human."

Q: What advice will you give the younger version of yourself?

A: "Don't pay too much attention to what others think of you. Let their opinion go and just be yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities and don't conform to how other's think you should be. You won't be able to uphold that persona and eventually you will let others as well as yourself down. Like yourself, but not in an arrogant way."

Q: What is your spin on humility?

A: "Humbleness for me is to be able to grow from your mistakes and keep learning because we never stop growing and to know that you are never too good or wise to learn from others"

what exactly does it mean to be humble?I read a lot about humility and what exactly it means and a few things stood out for me:

  1. The fact that you think modestly (unassuming in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements) of yourself.

  2. There is an absence of pride or arrogance,

  3. as well as a lack of vanity in your life.

  4. It is not thinking lowly (low in status or importance) of yourself

  5. You don't think you are better than others.

Why is it important to be humble?

I listened to a podcast of Joyce Meyer about humility. The idea that gripped me was that humble people are free to wholly & completely be who they are because they are not bound to the opinions of others. They are not subjected to be what other's think they should be. They are free because they don't find worth and value in what they do, but rather in being obedient to God's purpose for their lives.

So many people are unhappy because they are unsatisfied with who they are. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that people should just accept their circumstances / themselves and give no thought to growth. But to be pressured into a box society is expecting us to fit in won't do you (or society for that matter) any good.

The question we should ask ourselves are: Who am I? What is my identity built on? It is built on what other's think of me? Is it built on the foundation of pride? That I think more of myself then others? Or is it built on who I am, what my gifts are, according to God's purpose for my life?

Humility keeps us rooted, thirsty for growth, while we are reaching out to others. When you are humble, you create space for people to approach you and form a community of people supporting and reaching out to each other.

In conclusion

Being humble is not a sign of weakness. It is not about thinking lowly of yourself and devaluing your own worth. It is all about celebrating your success in life without feeling superior to others around you. It is living a life without pride. It is showing love to others through gentleness and kindness. It is about lifting each other up. It is about unclasping the grip of societies' view on what I should be and focus on who I am in Christ.

It's about being free.

"Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real."

Thomas Merton

A special thank you to the following service providers:

Anja Engelbrecht from Deftig Kapsalon

Missy Van Der Walt from Missy Makeup Astist

Then a special thanks to Mila Guy for your time and thoughts xxx

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