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Mila Guy

At first glance, Mila looks like the typical “girl next door” type of neighbour, making it easy for you to pop in when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar, or to ask for help when you are in some kind of predicament and you don’t want to be judged. She radiates a positive energy and from the get go it is just easy to speak to her. And this is absolutely correct. There are no pretences when it comes to Mila Guy and in spite of the fact that she is beautiful and an extremely talented actress, she really has a heart of gold and approaches life with humbleness that makes her even more beautiful.

The moment you step into Mila’s apartment you are welcomed by art hanging on the walls, plants, vibrant colours and nostalgia, shaping her space to gleam of creativity. I personally think it reflects her personality perfectly. Happy. Vibrant. Free. Truthful. Kind.

When asked to tell me who she is, Mila actually said that it’s so difficult to answer that in a concise manner. It made me think that when people ask us who we are we tend to introduce ourselves by telling people what we do for a living. The reason for that is because people tend to connect an element of self-worth to their work status. But actually we are so much more than that and our jobs should only be an added extra to the beings that we are in Christ. So Mila and I philosophised about people being perceived as artwork, a collection of techniques, colours & brush strokes to produce a unique, final product, proudly displayed in human form, weaved together to perform a specific purpose according to His will.

Nature and walking goes hand in hand for Mila and she almost gets giddy when she describes her walks outside and how it recharges her soul. She has her own walk club aka “stap Club” where they explore new places and trails. On a daily basis she lists three things that she is thankful for and she often reflects on the importance of her family and being present in the moment. On a professional level Mila displays a specific approach to honour her character by being truthful in the moment and to present her acting in raw honest form. Listening to her discussing her journey, something stood out and that is Mila’s dedication and determination to take everything head on with a zest for life.

In close, there is validity in saying Mila is a “nice” person, but she is so much more than that (I mean, we all know a cup of tea is nice…). She is in fact a masterpiece, woven together with complexity and layered with many facets. She exhibits brush strokes of extreme talent, with splashes of positivity, making her a one of a kind, weaved together, fearfully and wonderfully made according to the purpose God set out for her.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Psalm 139:14

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