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Choose Kindness, always

In a cold, harsh world, never hesitate to be kind.

We might not know what other's are going through..

Kindness…a term more and more lost in translation. Why do I say this? In a world where we have to be tough and not let anyone step on us, kindness is often mistaken for weakness. How sad is the thought, because most of the times it is exactly reversed. It is truly the strong ones who can discipline themselves to be kind in a world that doesn’t always deserve it.

I did a portrait session with Leza …

a woman that radiates kindness and humility while equally is confident and outspoken about who she is and what she believes in. It was very evident in the way she treated me when she met me the first time that her heart was kind.

See, the first time I met her I was in a very bad space in my life. Lost, broken and not sure who I was myself - destruction of divorce often leaves one with bad scarring and that was something I had to wrestle. To find my voice and to know who I am in Christ. So I went to a church where no one knew me. My story. My pain. And I wasn’t planning on engaging with anyone there so I literally last minute snuck into the congregation and took the back seat.

And that’s when I met Leza. Kind, humble and joyful were the 3 attributes I picked up in her demeanour and in a very cold and lonely space her kindness made me feel at home.

Four years and five months later I had the opportunity to ask her on her thoughts regarding kindness and her answer was this:

“Kindness is not just the way we deal with those around us. It is a state of the heart towards others, an overwhelming conviction that all people are worthy of love. We communicate that through what we say and do. Kindness suggests unselfishness; putting someone else's needs above your own. It communicates an understanding that this way of being is for the greater good of us all. It creates an atmosphere of grace. It prospers the soul, and causes a community to flourish. We all need it at some stage, ironically most when undeserved. Kindness demonstrates leadership and discipline, especially when you're tired and definitely not feeling like it. Choosing kindness showcases a deep inner strength, and leaves a mark on all those who are surrounded by someone practicing it. In the light of all these beautiful attributes of kindness, I would definitely say that kindness must not be mistaken for weakness, in fact, a kind fellow human should be considered as a pillar of society.”

We all have our own story. Things that made us, things that broke us. Things that shape us.

In a cold and cruel harden world, choose kindness. No matter where you are on your journey, kindness defines one’s character.

Choose kindness. Always.

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