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Celebrating Womanhood

A message to all women, especially the ones who are pregnant.

I had the privilege to photograph this lovely Mamma of “almost 3” a while back and I decided to do a blog post about this specific session because I want to motivate pregnant women to embrace and celebrate their pregnancy the way Christina did.

Christina decided on a solo session (just her and her bump) because she wanted to celebrate her womanhood in the form of a beautiful photography session. Without even flinching she arranged 2 dresses (she made use of Marlize Meeding, undoubtably one of the most creative people I know) and arranged with Rene Roos to do her hair and makeup. Mooikrans just seemed like the obvious choice of venue as it symbolises growth and warmth accompanied by sophistication and that timeless element of style that never fades. To top it off, I connected with Teneale Coetzee and she made the most gorgeous floral earrings, bangles and necklace for that perfect feminine touch.

During our session I could see her confidence, something I occasionally miss when other women are in front of my camera and we started discussing this. She then said something that caught my attention. She emphasised that after she had her hair and makeup done, had beautiful accessories and finally got dressed, all self doubt so many women struggle with everyday just melted away and she confidently proclaimed “I can do this!”

And as you can see, she absolutely did it!!

I spoke to her after our session regarding self confidence and celebrating womanhood. She said that it’s important for women to make time for themselves and to do some effort in their appearance. “Put on some makeup, do your hair and get dressed in something that suits you. Do what makes you feel good, not for anyone else but yourself! You deserve it.”

So to all women out there, especially the pregnant ones. You have a little life inside you, so give yourself a break. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’s the most amazing thing you will ever experience! So stop being critical about your size, the outbreaks you might get from your pregnancy, the stretch marks, the haemorrhoids, the spider veins or the pigmentation and start celebrating that you have the wonderful super power of growing a little human.

And when you are in front of that camera (be it mine or any other photographer) let your insecurities go and be confident in the woman God created you to be.

You are beautiful.

Much love, A

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