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  • Anje Van Dalen

Cape Town part 1

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Vrede & Lust Lindt & wine pairing

The drought might have left scars on Capetown, but that surely doesn’t stop her from continuing her hospitality. As a matter of fact, she is so strong that in spite of her wounds she is saying with that winning grin on her face “Bring it on!”

My husband and I were very fortunate to have spent the the last week of September in Cape Town for work purposes. We worked hard, but also seized the opportunity to visit a few places and enjoy the gems the Western Cape has to offer.

Typical Gautengenarians (the awesome new word I just came up for people living in Gauteng who acts like total tourists when visiting places) we hit the wine route, visiting farms, enjoying the scenery and lush wine pairings.

Two wine pairings that stood out for me was Vrede en Lust’s Lindt & wine pairing, as well as Knorhoek’s fudge & wine pairing.

"Long gone are the days that we were only allowed cheese with our wine, and you could just imagine my excitement when I heard that it is acceptable to have something sweet on my plate too."

A while back on Instagram I came across the Mommy explores account. A mom who loves to travel while looking for kid friendly spots to blog about. She ran a competition with Vrede & Lust to win a Lindt & wine pairing. Although I am Pretoria based, I do travel a lot to Cape Town so I decided I have nothing to lose and entered the competition. I was so happy at the idea to (even if I didn’t win) taste different flavours of wine combined with the perfect block of chocolate…my husband reckoned playfully that this might be the most expensive wine tasting because we would have to book flight tickets just for that.

Although this was my first time on Vrede & Lust, I have heard many things about this farm, seen photos and read the articles. Was it really as spectacular as everyone have painted it to be? Would the service be really as good as everyone says and would the tasting room compliment the experience?

I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised at the humble experience we had there. The stylish yet simplistic layout of the tasting room with big couches made me feel like I was at home. A beautiful deck overlooking the Franschhoek mountains invited me to step outside for some vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air. Lynn, our sommelier (or wine stewardess) were friendly, informative and witty with her explanations of each wine and why it pairs so well with the different flavours of chocolate.

The experience didn’t disappoint. In fact, this is why I’m blogging about it!

It is a must for any Gautenganarian. I will definitely revisit there, rather sooner than later.

Make Vrede & Lust’s chocolate & wine pairing a travel destination when visiting Cape Town again.

Have you done a chocolate & wine pairing there?

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below..

So I say cheers to good wine & good vibes!

Till next time

Love, A