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Ansu Visser

Living hopefully, grounded in God’s promises.

I had the opportunity so sit down with Ansu Visser, actress, storyline writer, photography & interior designer enthusiast, basically all rounder creative.

Her interior style is simplistically clean with hints of nostalgia and greenery and it created a welcoming calmness when Chris and I entered her home. Although super structured, she has a very spontaneous, free, joyful spirit and it was easy to jump right into conversation with her.

Initially we discussed her role in the Arts and then we moved over to the the little Ansu that wanted to be a veterinarian until her father reminded her that she would have to put dogs down. She is surrounded with friends and fellow actors and actresses that also stay in her building that creates a tight knit community. We also discussed criticism and how, when she analyses it, she draws strength from it by making it a learning experience and to better herself in the Arts.

Then our discussion to a deeper root as we diverted from the daily discussion to the chapter in her life where she currently finds herself. For a long time she was single and just short of a year ago, a tall, dark, and handsome person (with the heart of a lion) came into her life so transition started taking place in her season from being single to being in a relationship. Although this is an exciting chapter, she stresses that it is in a way also a daunting one because the “dating chapter” has also been a chapter of heartbreak. But through it all she is steadfast in prayer, asking God to guide her and all the while realising that she has to have faith that God will direct her to the path He set out for her to walk. So when we spoke about her 5 year plan she was quite giddy, discussing the hope of perhaps being married with a baby on the way and then she said that whatever will be the space that she finds herself in five years from now, she wants to be content with whatever her situation because she knows that whatever the plan, God’s hand will be in it.

Ansu concluded our conversation with a message of hope:

“It is the small things in life that matters so don’t focus on the big things but rather the small things - I think it is about where your focus lies and giving it to God.”

She then quotes Philippians 4:8:

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”

Her final words were:

“When you focus on the small things, then there just comes an appreciation (and a thankfulness) for what you have.”

It was a pleasure meeting Ansu. She is layered with so much more than mere friendliness, and she very quickly showed me the many facets to her being, indulging in meaningful conversation.

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